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18 May, 2019   
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Source Code (GitHub): https://github.com/Speedstor/youtubeReader

Since I have known youtube's exsistance, I have always been haunted by it, wasting hours upon hours every single day because of it. Although youtube sometimes might be informative, and even teach people skills that otherwise impossible, I had multiple occasions where I had huge consequences because of it. I have times where I have worse than normal grades, missed meetings and wasted time when watching youtube. In response, I now tried to make a solution that would cure this sickness of mine.

I never had anything against reading, and picking up a book is the fourth most interesting thing to do in life, ranking behind coding, drawing and playing games. Youtube might not be more interesting at times, it is just that the type of content that it produces and the recommended feed always attracts me. After you watch on video, you would be recommended with something else which may be even more attractive. I can never resist myself in this spiral of youtube videos. I always say to myself, "If I could read youtube, I would for sure ditch all youtube videos entirely." Although this is just an excuse, and I don't think I mean it, eliminating the possiblity of an excuse is pretty useful, so I went ahead and made the app.

This app is very straight-forward. Except the fact that it is slow as a snail, I can argue that it beats youtube in every single way. Talking about my app's speed, I just want to say that I know how to speed it up. It is just that the sheer amount of effort already putted into this project had drove me insane, and just a little bit more will make me explode. But either way, the core features of this app includes, reading youtube, having a logged in recommended feed, saving channels, searching videos and searching for channels. There are still quite a lot of bugs in this app, but I will let it pass and call it a day.