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TcpLab - Analyze Integrity of TCP stack    c

19 September, 2020   
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Source Code (GitHub): https://github.com/Speedstor/tcpLab
tcpLab Web Server: http://http.speedstor.net:8901 (sorry, currently down)

Needing to code something to analyze efficiency of the TCP protocol for the IB extended essay, I coded tcpLab.

This application builds, sends, and receives TCP packets in very a very low-level manner. And it allows for the additional feature of customizing the packet, and recording of the time of receive.

Through coding this project, I learned a lot about memory addresses and C. Constantly encountering memory leakage and accumulation, I have a more throughout understanding of programs in computers and their inner-workings.

In addition, I also changed the operating system of one of my laptops to a purely command-line interface. Since then, I have gained fluency in vim and the CLI.