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21 March, 2019   
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I don't have the feeling to document detailing of this matter, because I had been working with php for 2 whole weeks now, and I am getting tired of it. Anyways, I will try my best to explain it to the no-one that want to use my data tracking solution.

To use my website data tracking solution is super easy. Overall, it only takes 2 lines of code, and one line of code manipulation.

  1. First of all, go to your database overview and create your first database table by logging in first and typing in your desired table name second.
  2. Then, copy the traffic.inc.php file to a accessible location relative to your website file location.
  3. After that, go into your traffic.inc.php file and change your database name on line 24.
  4. Lastly, just add
    \$file = \$_SERVER['PHP_SELF'];
  5. That is it!!