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Gps Traccar Gui    react.js

30 June, 2019   
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A year ago, My dad wanted a more modern UI for the existing open-source traccar program.

With materialistic design in mind, I used react.js, redux.js, bootstrap, and fontawesome to create this application.

While this is only the front end, I have extensively looked at the backend of the existing traccar program. And I have learnt a lot and have adapted their structure into my future java backend servers.

Through coding this program, I learned a lot about npm, javascript libraries and specifically react.js. Before, I have always did the combination of html, css, and js. After learning react.js, I was able to implement features of classes, async functions in my future web applications. In addition, I also developed a habit of coding my own javascript libraries for custom features that I could reuse in the future.