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18 July, 2020   
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Source Code (GitHub): https://github.com/Speedstor/liveDiscussion
Website: http.speedstor.net/index.html

One of the assessment for the IB Computer Science course was to code something for someone.

Seeing that online discussion is inorganic during COVID, I attempt at improving it by coding this messaging app.

This app have live message sync where people can see what one is typing, in that sending does not need to precede it. It helps in online discussions as there is a immediate feedback on what others are saying, spurring the discussion.

I coded a full-stack application for this. The backend is used to communicate and sync with the existing Canvas database. It links to the front end with tokens and cookies.

This project is in pure Java, js, html, and css. I wanted to challenge myself in not using libraries to prove to myself that I actually have a full-stack understanding on web applications.