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Chrome T-rex on Keyboard   Java

30 June, 2018   
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Source Code (GitHub): https://github.com/Speedstor/RazerGame

During the summer of 2018, I started to program apps. Despite the fact that I have been watching programming tutorials since 2012, I have never programed a single app. As you can imagine, just proclaiming your knowledge of coding while not ever code before is quite imbaressing, so I took upon myself to learn programming without one summer, and that is the summer of 2018. Maybe because of all the userless tutorials that I have watched before, or because I am good a programming, I was acutally able to learn it pretty quick. After I did Flappy Bird in Java, I moved on to C++ and tried to make a game engine...

To anyone's concern, I failed really bad in making a game engine. That was my first month in programming, and I had already attempted one of the most advance types of programs But thanks to my absurd attempt, I knew C++ in and out as I had used it for something hard. With that in my grasp, I went on to making a chroma app for my razer keyboards.

With hours upon hours of looking through documentations and examples of chroma apps, I end up with this T-rex game on keyboard. I had applied everything that I have learnt to that point in making it. Which includes game loops, apis, and normal c++ syntax. The final product is quite successful and you are welcome to download and play it yourself if you have a razer keyboard.