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Pokemon in Java   Java

14 October, 2018   
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Source Code (GitHub): https://github.com/Speedstor/Pokemon

When I arrive at the new school in USA, I was greated with many friends. Within one of these people, was the person that presisted on the idea of programming a pokemon replica. Although I was not as settled on the idea as much as him, I proceeded ahead with the notion of improving my programming skills. [br/][br/] At that time, I am only fluent in Java, and to create anything else in other languages would haunt me along with my studies. So, with that in mind, I went on and try to create Pokemon in Java. While I was still very new to programming at that time, I never step back or give up when hit with road blocks. I still remember how I got stuck on simple keyboard inputs as I wanted to make the game more intuitive. Every little bit of the project took me upwards of days, but I still continued. [br/][br/] In the end, I created the main navigation of Pokemon. I did not bother to finish the whole game as I would not benifit much from it. Even if I had finished the project I could not claim the work as mine because the idea was straight from other people, and I was not really learning much at the end of the project. So, with this in mind, I stop making the project when I get to the battling part as that part was the easier of the parts in the game.