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Flappy Bird in Java   Java

12 June, 2018   
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This app is the first ever app that I have programed, and given for how much steps I have skipped in doing it, I think it turned out great. Although the concept for the game is nothing new, I have have no right in benifit anything from it, it still did a very good job of demonstrating what I have learnt in the tutorials.

After following tutorials and making an exact replica of a game from a youtube tutorial, I made this flappy bird app. As my first ever app, it took me longer than usual. Although everything is just positioning images, I had a tough time working with the game loops, keyboard inputs. To timed everything correctly and have a bird fly in its own way is difficult. I often referred back to the original game to copy their bird's motion. The final result consisted everything the original game has except the inclusion of a game over screen. I always hated to wait for a game to reload after failing it, so yeah, I removed it.

In the end, I am very happy that I made this app and learnt coding. In just 8 months, I am able to go ahead and make my own website along with mobile apps that other people for some reason had not made yet.