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Triginator   Java

08 January, 2019   
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Lets provide you with some background info first. Triginator is a custom app that my math teacher provides his students to improve their trig. Trig if you do not know is just standard forms of sin, cos, tan, csc, sec, and cot. These triangle ratios are required to be memorized and quickly used in exams. And because I am never good at these trigs, I decided to make my own triginator and hope for the best.

Although my trig still did not improve because I did not take the liberty to actual use app, the app is still an app. I was going to say, "still works", but there are bugs in this program as when I entered the answers for the trig, I had rememberd them wrongly, lol. Maybe that is why I am still bad at trigs.

This app is very simple, it is basically a flashcard app that is specialized for trigs. You can press a mouse button to call up a new trig and press space to check the answer. It works marvelously except that it sometimes will give you the wrong answer, but I guess that is still fine. One day, I will be too bored in life and finally fix it, but for now, I will leave it as it is.