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Recreation of My Backpack    Java

20 April, 2019   
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Source Code (GitHub): https://github.com/Speedstor/MyBackpackUpdater

Website: https://speedstor.net/legacy/mbp.php

2 years ago, the original grading website for my school was slow and unintuitive as it requires seconds to load each page, and 4 or 5 clicks to go to the page you want.

I set out to solve this inconvenience by coding an autoLogin script and webscraper in java. With the java server, I copied the data into my own database and coded my own front end in php.

The result is that it is both faster to load and looks better with additional information.

Through this project, I learnt a lot about cookies and form posting data. I also integrated my past experience of coding and hosting my own website to help make better user interfaces.